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isnt it beautiful???? Croatia beauty!In General* The variety of the landscapes in a country as small as Croatia is undoubtedly what fills with wonder more the visitors. Vast of 56 530 km2, the country is a long crescent stretched around Bosnia-Herzégovine forms. The area is composed of the vast plains of Drave and Save. Of clay, they are very fertile areas. The corn and corn fields are spread out over kilometers. Slavonia, vast agricultural plain extending to the east from the capital, is limited to north by Drave, the south by Save and the east by the Danube. Central Croatia is an undulating area or of plain areas which gathers in particular around the capital, Zagreb, the areas of Zagorje (northern) and Medjimurje. The mountainous zones are consisted the Alps Dinariques. In north Gorski kotar, in the south the plate of Lika with vast polje, depressions which form small plates. The chain of Velebit, which culminates to 1700 m, separates the littoral from the back-country. All these areas are karstic zones. The karst is a particular relief of calcareous rock eroded by water. One finds all kinds of astonishing geological phenomena there: dolines, circular depression in the medium of the fields. They appear in group, several dolines forming a ouvala. The amateurs of lapiaz and caves will be also filled with wonder, in particular in the solid mass of Velebit. IslandsOn the Adriatic slope of the Alps Dinariques, a narrow band of littoral densément populated: Primorje. The characteristic of the Croatian coast is this multitude of islands (1 185 islands, small islands or rocks) created at the end of the last glaciation at the time of the invasion by the sea of mountainous zones. The tops were transformed into islands separated by channels from turquoise sea and that explains their lengthened form, parallel at the coast! Largest are the islands of Krk, Cres, Brac, Hvar and Korcula.


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