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The long years* of purgatory of post-war period make from now on left the past. The tourists start to come many to rediscover this small unfortunately ignored country. Croatia has the privilege to offer an architectural heritage of an extraorinary richness. Of course, there are those which knew it already, those which came "front" and returns today to enjoy it again. And then, those which come there for the first time and which discovers a country with the single situation, in between Orient and Occident, attractive transition between Northern Europe and the Mediterranean, crossroads of cultures and influences rather exceptional! Illyriens, Othomans, Hungarians, Austrians all, left their mark there. And then one admires a marvellous coast, protected by close to... 2 000 islands and small islands on 1 750 km. The coast escaped besides by miracle from the concrete and shells small ports, still with the shelter of the promoters. Without forgetting the pearl of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik, classified by UNESCO with the world inheritance of humanity. Inside, Zagreb will also charm by its architectural eclecticism, the richness of its museums and its cultural life. As for in love with nature, they will be filled: intact natural reserves abounding in a surprising fauna: more than 400 bears in the mountainous forests, chamois, moufflons, wildcats, wolves and lynx with profusion, the African mongeese which gild the pill on the coasts of the island of Mljet. And another beauty, Lakes Plitvice and their 92 falls.


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